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Our Story


It started with socks. Fazl Socks, specifically.

We started a Fair Trade knitwear company because of our deep love for two orphanages in the Indian Himalayas, run by local people, where children are thriving: body, mind, soul, and spirit. We’ve seen cycles of poverty broken; many of the alumni from the orphanages pursue education at the graduate level, secure government positions, help support their birth families, and return to marginalized communities to make a difference for future generations.

We were so touched by these orphanages and their amazing work that we sought to increase their sustainability through starting a social enterprise, along with supporting the women in need who hand make every product. Enter: Fazl. Fazl has become a safe place for women and widows, along with fulfilling our mission to support the children. However, there are more people who need help than we can help through Fazl alone, and so, the Fazl Charity was born.

There are 30 million orphans in India. 165 million people live in poverty on $2.15 per day. Many people in our region face challenges due to low socioeconomic status, low caste, lack of education, and living in the rural Himalayas.

We know that change is possible. We are working to foster community development, provide for these amazing orphanages, and see more children given the life changing opportunity of going to school.

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