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Together We Can Make an Impact


We give life-changing opportunities to children, women and communities in need. Systemic change starts with making the right  kind of impact, and we specialize in exactly that. One person at a time.


We work alongside marginalized communities to empower them to live according to their own local standards of well-being, happiness, and dignity.  We uplift underserved communities holistically. That means we have deep, long-standing relationships with the communities we serve, because we are a part of those communities, too! We work together to uplift the marginalized, meet the basic needs of orphaned and destitute children, and create impact opportunities.



176 million Indians live in extreme poverty, furthermore, the subcontinent is home to 25 million orphans. Many women in our region face challenges due to low socioeconomic status, low caste, lack of education, and living in remote locations. We seek to uplift and create systemic and generational change for underserved communities.


We started Fazl because of our deep love for two children’s homes in North India, run by local people, where children are thriving: body, mind, soul, and spirit. We’ve seen cycles of poverty broken; many of the alumni from the orphanages pursue post-secondary education at the graduate level, secure government positions, help support their birth families, and numerous alumni serve marginalized communities and give back to the homes who raised them.


We were so touched by these orphanages and their amazing work that we sought to increase their sustainability through starting a social enterprise, Fazl Socks. An idea came to us when we saw socks in the local market: what if we could not only give back to the children we love, but support the women knitting these socks, too? That was the seed that started Fazl. Since then, Fazl has become a safe place for women and widows, along with fulfilling our mission to support the children. However, there are more people who need support than we can help through Fazl, and so, the Fazl Foundation was born.

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